Sunday, June 22, 2008


Okay so I know that I posted the other pictures early (thank you to all of my dear friends that knew my real birthday) but that was because we celebrated early because my parents were out of town. I had a great day so thanks to all of my family and friends for making my 30th birthday so special. My friend Angie and I went and got pedicures and manicures and then we met up with some of our other college roommates Brooklyn and Kerri for lunch. Thanks girls for a fun lunch!! My sweet brothers watched my kids while I was gone. I came home to my brother Trent and my kids washing my car!! Then that evening my Grandma and Grandpa Black took my brothers, my kids and I out to eat at the cheesecake factory!! Such yummy food but quite hard when you have three little ones waiting for an hour and a half for a table. My brothers told me to remind them never to take their kids to a sit down restaurant. Then today my Grandma and Grandpa Johnson had a birthday dinner for me at their house. I am so blessed to have such sweet family and friends. My friend Katherine sent me a card that said it is fitting that you are turning 30 (a new decade) and you are starting a new part of your life!! I am excited for what is in store for me! Although I don't want to be 30 I really feel great right now. This age feels great because I think you really know who you are and what you stand for. And you feel more comfortable in your skin!! I am excited for 30's. I think there are some great things in store!!!


Bryns made mini stars at The Dance Club this year!! I am so excited to see her improving and I am so thakful for her teacher Miss Bethaney who really gets the girls to push themselves and do their very best! I can remember when I was a mini star at The Winner School. It seems like yesterday. This is so much fun!! I can't believe that now I have a little mini star. I love you Bryns!!

Brynlee's School Program

Brynlee had a singing program at school last week and it was so cute!! She was so excited about it and was counting down the days until it was time to perform at her school. She did a great job and it was so much fun!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AHHHHH I'm 30!!!!

Okay so I know that I posted this early but it was because my parents are in Hawaii so we celebrated my birthday before they left! My mom made my favorite thing in the whole world strawberry pie. When I lived in Vegas I would always call her and say, "mom I am coming home will you make me a strawberry pie." She always would have one waiting for me when I would roll into town. Mom, you are the best!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We planned a last minute girls trip to St. George for the weekend last week and we had such a blast. We have a tradition of doing this trip every year with all of our college roommates and it is something that I really look forward to. We just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. One day we stayed in our swimsuits the entire day. We ate way too much, layed by the pool, went to a movie and got facials. I feel so blessed to have had such amazing college roommates! We missed you Kath and Brooklyn!! Thanks for an amazing weekend girls!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


For Memorial Day we went to St. George for the weekend! We had a fun weekend of relaxing by the pool and the boys golfed. Heather's family camped near St. George so we went and ate dinner with them one night and enjoyed 4-wheeling, and the highlight of the trip catching polywogs. Stockton has been wanting to do this forever and he has a special bucket saved for when we go to catch polywogs. So it was so much fun for the kids to be able to catch so many in St. George. My mom and Stockton were the most excited!! We saved about 10 polywogs in a water bottle but on the way home they got too hot and died. Oh well it was still a lot of fun!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Bryn's class went to the zoo on Friday and I was able to go with her and help with the kids. Thank goodness I went because Bryns was so tired from her party the night before that I don't know what she would have done if I wasn't there. We rode the school bus which is always a fun treat. I haven't riden a school bus since I coached and I have to say I don't miss it. It was so cute because Bryn's has so many friends in her class and they all wanted to hold her hand. She is quite popular in her class. That always makes you feel good as a parent to know that your child is nice to others and in turn others want to be friends with them. We had a great time at the zoo and it was fun to spend some one on one time with me and Bryns. It was a beautiful day!! Spring is finally here!!


I can't believe my baby girl is 6. AHHHHH where did the time go? She is growing up to be such a sweet, good girl and I am so proud to be her mommy. She told me that she wanted a my little pony party and I was excited because she is growing up so fast and she won't want cute little parties like that for very much longer. She was so excited for her birthday and was counting down the hours and minutes until her party with her friends. We colored my little pony picutres, they got tatoos of my little pony. We had a my little pony pinata (which broke on the second girl hitting it) that didn't go how I had planned. Any we played some other games. Then my neighbors Jordan and Morgan are so sweet they have horses and they were so cute and willing to give all of the kids horse rides. All of the kids thought this was great! Brynlee got so spoiled by all of her friends. Thank you so much for all of the sweet gifts. I wanted to write a few things that I absolutely love about my Brynlee Bryns...
1. She is a social butterfly. She makes friends anywhere and everywhere we go. She includes others and is a friend to all.
2. She chooses the right. She is very aware of the right choice and is always a great reminder to me of what we should be doing. Whenever we are on vacation and we don't go to church she will be the first to mention that we missed church.
3. She is amazing at saying prayers. She has such a sweet spirit and says such mature and loving prayers to her Father in Heaven. She always thanks Heavenly Father for his love. She says, "we love you because we feel you."
4. She is a little helper with the boys. She alwyas helps me get Beckham out of his crib in the morining. He is grumpy a lot of times when he gets up and she is always so sweet to him and makes him happy. She says, "are you okay? do your ears hurt." For some reason she has a real calming effect on him. Too sweet.
5. She is loyal. Once a friend always a friend. She still cries and misses friends from Vegas. She makes friends of all ages. She has friends in our neighborhood that come to play with her that are 10 years old. She also loves to play with the girls her age and little ones too. She loves Maddie who is three. She loves playing with boys and girls. She always tells me she already knows that she is going to marry Caleb.
6. She loves things to be organized and beautiful. She hates getting ready but loves her hair to look pretty and loves a new cute outfit.
7. She is an amazing artist. She draws beautiful pictures and is great at coloring.
8. She is such a cute dancer and she tries so hard to do her best!! She loves showing all of her friends her dance moves and is very proud of what she can do. She is a poser as you can tell from all of the pictures! I think she has picked this up from dance!
9. She is obedient when I tell her to pick up her room or get her pajamas on.
10. She is so much fun to be with. I love days when just her and I can hang out. She always tells me funny stories and we laugh and have so much fun together. She loves to tell jokes.
11. She has an amazing memory. She memorizes lines from movies. She always loves telling her dance teacher Miss Bethany what comes next in a dance. She is great at memorizing all of their monthly poems at school.
12. She is a great student! I hear nothing but wonderful reports from her school teachers. She has become an excellent reader this year!!
I am so thankful that Heavenly Father blessed me with a daughter. I remember when I found out that I was having a girl I was estatic. Being a dancer growing up you always hope that you get a little girl to put in dance and to have someone who will always come home even when she is grown. I remember the day I had her I was in awe of how perfect she was. She was beautiful in every way. Her dark brown hair, her perfect little features, and body. I have a special place in my heart for Bryns because she made me a mommy and has helped me learn and grow how to be a better mommy. I know she will continue to teach me as we go through this journey together. We named her BRYNLEE SOPHIE. I always loved the name brynn and my middle name is lee so we thought Brynlee was a great name for her. Her middle name Sophie is after my sweet grandma who is adore. The name Sophie means wisdom which fits Bryns perfectly. I love you so much Bryns and I hope you had a very happy sixth birthday!!


My mom turned 50 this year!! We went to Tepanyaki for her birthday and the food was delicious. Beckham was scared to death of the fire and my brother Josh kept having to him out. My mom is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful that she is my mother. She is such an amazing example to me of service and of always choosing the right. She is happy and always focuses on the positve in situations and people. She is a hard worker and always goes the extra mile on whatever she does. My friend Jen has told me several times, "your mom is a work horse." It is true. She is so much fun to be with and is always up for a good time. We love going to movies together, going boating, going on walks, and talking. I always know that if I want a clear persepective on a situation then I should talk to my mom and get her advice. She is so much fun to talk to you. She is the best grandma in the whole world and has in many ways become my kids other parent. I love you mom you are the best and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!