Thursday, August 28, 2008


I can't believe that Bryns started first grade! I think it is harder when they start first grade than when they go to kindergarten because they are gone all day long. Bryns is gone for 8 hours. It seems like an eternity. I really do miss her during the day and I am so excited to see her when she gets home. But I do have to say there seems to be a little less fighting in the house.

The day before she went to school she was so nervous. She kept telling me she was scared and worried that the kids wouldn't like her. Then we went to an orientation and met her teacher and it calmed a lot of her fears. She was so excited the first week. She said to me, "mom I love first grade I don't know why my friend said it is boring, I love it." She loves hot lunch (yummy) I will let her figure out that one on her own. But now this week she is exhausted and hasn't wanted to go to school. She has faked sick every day ( you know that really fake cough thing). I had to carry her to the first grade line and she chased me to the car crying twice on Monday. Then her friend held her in line and I drove off. It hasprogressively gotten better as the week has gone on. I think she is just exhausted and getting adjusted. It is darling though because two girls in the ward that are in 5th and 6th grade go and get her from her class and walk her to the bus after school and then they walk her home everyday! We have such sweet neighbors!


Stockton had his first day of 4 year old pre-school this week! We went to meet his teachers last Friday and he was so shy he just hid behind me the entire time and he wouldn't talk at all. The teachers asked me if this was his first time going to pre-school. I said no he went here last year. But you wouldn't have guessed by how shy he was. When we got home he told me he was upset because he thought he was having the same teachers as last year. But then on the first day of school he came home really excited because a lot of his friends from last year are in his class this year! I think it will be a great year for Stockon! His teachers seem darling!

The other day I was at the store with the boys and I said to them, "How did I get so lucky to have you two? Heavenly Father must really love me." Stockton's reply was, "Mom Heavenly Father blessed us here and Jesus just made it that way." It was so cute! Then whenever he wants me to turn on a movie for him or do something for him he will say to me, "mom if you don't do it then I won't play with you." Too funny. That would be quite the punishment for me.


For several years while we lived in Vegas my kids didn't have much of a yard. I guess if you call rocks a yard then they did but anyway...They have really enjoyed having a yard to play in the last two summers. One of the boys favorite past times is helping mow the lawn and playing with their new bunny "bubbly, fluffy."

Grandpa Johnson's Birthday

My Grandpa turned 75 the other day and we got the entire family together to celebrate. He likes to get the whole family together to celebrate his birthday! It is so cute. My grandpa is quite the guy. He is still working full time as a pharmicist (partly because when he retired my grandma couldn't stand him being home watching everything she was doing. And partly because he is such a busy body). If he isn't working at the store you can find him working in his immaculate yard. His famous words all the time I was growing up were, "don't touch the flowers." His yard really is so pretty and several people in his ward have had their wedding receptions there. He is a great family man and I love him dearly. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swimming Lessons!!


We had a going away lunch (courtesy of Sunni- thanks Sunni) for my friend Amy and Stocky's cute friend David. Stockton, David and Trace went to Challenger together last year, and they are in the same ward. They are such cute friends! I loved driving them to school when it was my turn for carpool because they would make me laugh so hard with all of the darling things that they would say. I know Stocky and Trace will really miss David. When I would drive David would always say, "can I come over and play with Stocky and eat Dino Nuggets?" He was such a sweet friend. It was so cute because he would ride his scooter over to play with Stocky. Stocky asks about him everyday and misses him so much. Amy is such a sweet person and such a great example. We will miss them so much but we are excited for their family and the many new adventures they will have in Arizona!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We went camping and boating at Bear Lake two weekends ago and it was so much fun! It is so pretty at bear lake. We are used to Lake Powell so the water took a little while to get used to but after a minute it felt great! The beaches there are amazing and the kids can walk out in the water forever. We did a lot of surfing and a little wake boarding and of course we had to get a raspberry shake. The kids went up with my parents one night before me because I had to teach a school a dance that I choreographed and they had a great time at the rodeo. Stockton wanted to do the muttin bustin but he wasn't signed up. Stockton was very concerned the whole trip wondering where the bears were at bear lake. He kept asking if the bears were in the water. Beckham was obsessed with everyone's keys so finally my dad gave him a key ring with old keys that he doesn't use anymore. He was in heaven. It was so fun to be together as a family and to not have to get ready. That is my favorite kind of trip. Low maintenance!!