Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We had a blast going sledding by a park in the neighborhood that I grew up in! I have so many memories of sledding here and walking home with numb feet and hands! The kids weren't scared at all! They loved every minute of it and can't wait to go again!


We had such a fun Christmas morning! We slept over at mom and dad's. This took a little bit of convincing to let Bryns know that Santa could find her at grandma's house! The kids got spoiled and were so excited at they opened their presents. Brynlee got the doll house that she had been wanting! Stockton was so darling and excited about everything but he especially liked his leapster and Lego Star Wars game for the Wii. Beckham got a train set that has been in storage for two years!! It was Stockton's when we lived in Las Vegas and was brand new! Stockton came downstairs and said, "hey isn't that my train set?" We said no! Ha ha! There is nothing like hand me down toys! Beckham has loved the train set and I am glad that we are finally getting some use out of it! Beckham also got a potty from my parents! He is officially potty training and loving every minute of it! He pushes so hard that his veins pop out in his forhead and neck! We had a great day spending time with family and relaxing! Brynlee is so cute! She kept saying all Christmas season, "Christmas isn't about presents. It's about caring, sharing and loving!" I'm just sad that now I can't say to the kids "Santa Clause might not bring you a present if your not good" threat anymore :)!


We had so much fun at the Johnson family Christmas party! Beckham was obsessed with a toy train that my grandma bought for 2 dollars. He played with it the entire time. My grandma is so sweet and she makes the kids pillow cases every year and gives them pajamas. The kids were thrilled with their pajams. Bryns got Hannah Montana. Stock got spider man (since he says about 200 times a day that he is the #1 SPIDERMAN). Becks got Superman. The kids have so much fun playing with their second cousins!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I love taking picutures of my kids in their Christmas clothes! My mom bought the kids these clothes and I was so thankful! They looked adorable!! Thanks Mom! You are the best!


The black family Christmas party was at my parents this year! The kids had so much fun with their second cousins! So much fun in fact you can see that Stock and Becks fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the party they were so pooped! They acted out the nativity which is always darling! Bryns was Mary, Stockton was the camel(he insisted). Beckham was Joseph and our new baby Macyee was baby Jesus! We had a great time and the kids got their favorite toys from Great Grandma and Grandpa Black. Stock and Becks got Spiderman cars and planes and Bryns got a Hannah Montana barbie!!


We went and saw the "real" Santa at South Towne mall over Christmas! The kids were pretty shy but they told Santa what they wanted.Bryns wants a doll house and Stock wants a Lego Star Wars game on the wii. Beckham on the other hand wouldn't get anywhere near Santa until the very end because he had to touch his hand to get the candy cane from him!


Stockton had his Christmas program at Challenger and it was so darling! They sang songs and they each got a chance to sit on Santa's lap! Thanks for being such a good boy Stocky! I love you!!