Sunday, August 16, 2009


We had a great time in Vegas and California this summer!! We drove to Vegas and stayed there the first night! The kids loved the hotel! We swam and ate at their request at the Rainforest Cafe. Beckham loved all of the animals in the restaurant! Then we went to L.A. We had a great time at the beach the first night! Then we went to Disneyland the next day! The kids were in heaven. They loved all of the rides. Beckhams favorite was the train! Brynlee's favorite is still the Peter Pan Ride and Stockton was content because he got an Indiana Jones hat and whip! He is obsessed with Indiana Jones and was pretending to be him the whole day long!! Stockton's other obsession right now is Star Wars. It was so neat because they picked kids out of the audience to learn to be Jedi's and then they got to fight Darth Vadar. I was not shy about making sure Stockton and Bryns got picked. They loved the whole experience of wearing the robes, learning jedi moves with light sabers and then actually fighting and defeating Darth Vadar! So cute!!! The kids love the Mickey Mouse rollercoaster in Tune Town and they also loved meeting Mickey Mouse!! It was so much fun to be there with the kids!!! It is so much fun to feel of your kids excitement and love for life!! It is amazing to be a mother and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has given me that opportunity!! I love the memories that we are creating!!!


We took the kids one evening to Mill Creek Canyon! We had a blast hiking and roasting marshmellows!! The mountains are so beautiful this time of year!!


Bryns and I had such a fun time at Dance Attack this year!! It was in Park City and we stayed at my grandmas condo. Bryns friends Kelci, Kwincee, and Maddison and their moms stayed with us. The girls would dance 6 hours a day!! They took from amazing choreographers. Joey Dowling who just choreographed for So You Think you Can Dance and another guy who was the choreographer for the Michael Jackson tour that didn't happen because he passed away. The girls had so much fun swimming after we got back to the condo. We also went to the Alpine Slide one day!! Bryns loved the Alpine Slide. She said her favorite part of all was when we went shopping at TJ Maxx. The girls all got pink roxy purses that matched!! This summer we went to Disneyland, Nauvoo and Lake Powell...when I asked Bryns what her favorite trip this summer was she without hesitation said Park City Dance Attack. I'm so glad that she has such cute friends that she enjoys being with and dancing with!! Great Job Bryns at Dance Attack!! It was so much to be with you!! I love you!!