Monday, August 2, 2010


S- stands for Spontaneity. Grandma was always ready for an outing, a vacation, to go to lunch and of course to go shopping at a moments notice. I have so many memories of sleeping over at grandmas and waking up early in the morning to hit garage sales or the mall for a shopping spree.

Sophisticated- Grandma had amazing taste in clothes, jewelry, and decorating. She always knew how to pick the perfect birthday, or Christmas present. My friends were always amazed when I would tell them my grandma gave me a particular outfit that they liked of mine. She always looked and presented herself with class.

Sweetheart- Grandma was a true disciple of Jesus Christ. She demonstrated Christ like love to all who knew her. She never held a grudge and always saw the best in others. Grandma had a peace about her that I have never experienced with another human being. She loved with her whole heart and soul and never raised her voice or lost her temper.

O- stands for Optimist. Grandma was the Supreme Optimist. She always saw the best in others and in every situation. If you asked her how she was doing, she would always say she was great or that she definitely knew she would be better tomorrow. Grandma taught me to have faith and to look at the bright side of life. She was always one of the first people that I would seek out and talk to when I had a problem. She would always comfort me with her sweet nature, and say, “honey everything will work out.” She would talk to me about faith and the gospel. She taught me through her example more than anything she said.

P- stands for Pretty and Particular- Grandma was beautiful!! She was always dressed beautifully. She was very particular about her hair, nails and clothes. She instilled in me a love for makeup, clothes, purses and jewelry. She liked everything just so and always put her whole heart into whatever it was that she was involved in.

H- Stands for heart and happy. Grandma had a heart of gold. She was always thinking of how she could help someone. She would give you the shirt off her back. She always wore a smile and had a twinkle in her eye. Two of her greatest accessories.

I- stands for Intelligent- Grandma was a very intelligent and savvy business woman. She excelled at any job that she did. Whether it be at the school district, owning her own business or being a mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother. I have many memories of going to grandma’s house and her and my mom helping me write newspaper articles for my journalism class or help me with my homework. Grandma was never to busy to help me no matter what time of day it was. She had an amazing way with words.

E- Stands for Eternal. Grandma always had an eternal perspective. She put her family and the gospel first in her life. I have had the opportunity to live with grandma twice in my life. I have so many memories of sitting in a chair in grandma’s room and talking for hours. She loved to have people around. She loved my kids with her whole heart. She was always bragging about them and loving them and thinking of something nice to do for them. She loved when they would come into her room and hug her, jump on her bed or watch t.v. with her.

Grandma was always right by my side for the special days in my life! I had the opportunity to wear grandma’s wedding dress when I went through the temple and that was such an honor. Grandma was with me in the room when I had my first sweet little girl. Brynlee Sophie. I am so thankful that Brynlee was named after such an amazing women who she can look up to and live up to with her name. Even though I know that Grandma has moved on to the next step in her eternal progression I know that she will be with us to guide us and help us and love us. She wouldn’t have it any other way. I am honored to be Sophie Mae Pappas Black’s granddaughter and I hope to live my life in such a way that I will make her proud. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.


Yancey Family said...

Sweet post. I'm sure you miss your Grandma so much. I know she was a special person and a great example. Beautiful pictures.

Heather & Josh said...

I sure do miss Grandma. I still sometimes expect to see her at the house. You did such a great job of talking about Grandma at the funeral. And that is great to get this typed in so that one day you have it in your journal. We love Grandma and agree 100% with everything you wrote. Love ya.