Sunday, September 30, 2007


These are just some cute pictures of my kids after church today.
The primary President in my ward is so sweet. She is on her second marriage and so I think she has a lot of sympathy for me and my situation. She said to me today that she can't beleive how well my kids are doing considering everything that we are going through and she said that really says a lot about what kind of person I am. I worry myself sick about my kids and how this has and will affect them and so that was so nice to hear. A good compliment always helps during hard times. And I can't think of a better compliment than that I am doing a good job as a mother. I would do anything for my kids to be happy, healthy, and for them to know of their individaul worth and the love I have for them.


Everywhere that we have gone lately I have forgotten to bring my camera. We went to the zoo to see the white alligator and we have been up to the mountains twice to see the fall leaves. Well the flu is now gone which is wonderful!! But I took Beckham to the doctor on friday because he has been so fussy and all he wants is for me to hold him constantly and he kept waking up in the night screaming for a good hour or two. So anyway long story short I thought he had an ear infection but it turns out he has been constipated. He seems like he started to turn a corner yesterday and feel a little better. I am so happy and I know he is too.
I went to womens conference at the conference center last night with my friends from my ward Sunni and Amy. We went to PF Changs after. We had a lot of fun!! I really enjoyed President Monson's talk. It confirmed to me that I need to go back to school and get my masters degree. I want to start next semester.

This morning Suzi and I went to see Jen's new little guy Kody Ryan Yancey. What a beautiful baby!! There is nothing sweeter than a newborn straight from heaven. I have to say it made me baby hungry. One small problem you need a husband to have a baby (ha ha). It makes me sad because I don't think that I really was able to enjoy Beckham's first year as much as I would have liked to because of everything that I have been through this year. I am having really negative feelings at Ken right now after seeing Kody for his poor decisions and not honoring me as his wife and the mother of his children while I was going through the whole pregnancy, delivery and recovery and first year. As Jen and Jason say thanks a lot Ken. It's funny how when you go through something like this it affects everyone around you who cares about you too. I know that is a blessing because I have so many wonderful people supporting me. I guess this is what I mean by the forgivness comes and then something painful happens and I have to forgive again. It is a process. But I am so happy for Jen and Jason they have a beautiful family!
So I started reading the twilight series and I am hooked. I think that I have figured out that I just need to find an Edward or at least a vampire that is like him to marry and everything would be great! Just kidding.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Today is one of those days where you desperately need a nap but you know you won't get it. Stockton had the flu twice last week and then yesterday Beckham got it. He was up all night throwing up and has just been moaning all day. I feel so bad for him because I know he has stomach cramps and nothing is seeming to help. The only time he has seemed himself is this morning I took him on a walk by the Jordan River. We stopped and fed the ducks bread and he was in heaven. I hope we can all get a good night sleep tonight. I am just waiting for me or Bryn to get it. Oh well that is life with little ones

Bryn did such a good job at dance today and she got to be the leader for warmup in front of her class. She was so excited.

Happy Birthday Bailee!! We hope you have a happy birthday. Brynlee wants me to tell you that she misses you and loves you.

Jen I hope you get feeling better. Having the flu and being pregnant is the worst combination. I can't wait until your little guy gets here. I am so excited to cuddle a newborn again!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I went running with Kylene this morning at 6:15 and I thought that it would be cold because it rained yesterday. I was wrong it was a beautiful morning and a great way to start the day. I had a drill team meeting today for penalty judges that lasted four long hours. But then when I got home Angie brought her kids over and they had so much fun playing in the backyard. I'm so glad that it is still warm enough to do that. Thanks for coming over Angie! You are always great company! The first picture is Stockton on the playset showing a little crack. I think it is so funny that his swimming suits will never stay up. The next picture is Bryns and Maddie. Then stockton is crying because he wants help swinging from the rope. The last one is Maddie and Stockie holding hands on the tramp while we played games. Soooo Cute!

Friday, September 14, 2007


I want to post more pictures of Beckham from 6-12 months but I need to find the cd's so I am just going to post pictures from his birthday. My mom and I took the kids to the farm at Thanksgiving Point during the day. Beckham loved the horse and he bawled when he had to get off of it. Then we had a party for him at night. I love the picture of him in the wagon. The wagon is his new favorite thing. He rides in it every morning to take Brynlee to the bus stop with me. The last picture of him is so funny with my grandpa's walker. He was so happy pushing it around. Brynlee used to do the same thing when we lived with my grandparents and she was learning to walk. It was so nice of my brothers to come from Provo and all of my grandparents. Thanks everyone for coming! I love you all so much. Thank you to all of my sweet friends for your posts on Beckham. We are so blessed to have friends like you.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


On Wednesday it will be my little Becks birthday. His full name is Beckham Black Kenneth Prince. We had such a hard time picking his name and when we left the hospital we thought we would change it. But it has been a great strong name and it fits him perfectly. His middle name Black is after my Grandpa Black who is my favorite person in the whole world. The most positve, sweet, brilliant man I have ever known. He will have a great example to live up to. Beckham has been such a joy! He was definately the greatest blessing in the whole world and he has brought me so much joy and happiness throughout this last year! I can't wait to keep making more fun memories with him. He was such a sweet baby. He was a great at nursing. He was calm, alert and it has always seemed to me that he sensed and knew how I was feeling and what was going on with me. I have had such a sweet little bond with him. I know that he has a very old and wise spirit.

As he has gotten older he has shown that he has a very strong personality. He definately knows what he wants and goes for it. He is tough. I think the third has to be to deal with the older sibilings. He is a constantly on the move and doesn't like to sit still for two seconds. He is independent. He loves the tramp, swing and just to be outside. He loves water of any kind. He doesn't care if it is a lake, bath or even toilet water it is all the same to him. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending me my sweet Beckham!!!!!
These are some pictures of Becks from his birth to about six months. They got a little mixed up. The first one is right after he was born. 2nd is Stockie and Becks. Third pic he is asleep in his chair he used to sleep in. Fourth is about 4 or 5 months when he was pushing up. Fifth is Christmas with the kids. Fifth is his blessing. 6th and 7th pics is his first trip to Disneyland. 8th is Halloween. Can you tell how much he loved the costume? The next three are just cute pictures that I took of him when I really got him ready. You know how that is. The next pic is after the bath. Babies love to stare in the mirror. The next two are with Bryn and Stockie. The next pic is with my grandpa Black that he was named after. the next two are at his 3 or 4 day appointment. next pic is him with his arms up. they say that is a sign of a healthy baby. I love when babies sleep like that. I love the picture with him and Brynlee that was days after we brought him home. The next pic is my mom and Beckham. She came to Las Vegas to help me for the first week. She was a life saver. The last picture is me and Beckham right after he was delivered. The three days my kids were born were the best days of my life!!!!!

Becky's and Scott's Wedding

On Friday I went with Jen and Suzi to Beckys wedding. She is a friend of ours from high school. It was at Log Haven up Mill Creek Canyon. The scenery up there was beautiful. It was a perfect day! She looked gorgeous. This is both of their second marriages. They just seem like they are a great couple and they are so happy together. They even look a lot alike. I am really happy for them and I think they will make a great match. It really hit me at the wedding that even though it is so hard to have your marriage end and you think at times that you won't make it through it or you wonder why Heavenly Father won't just help you save your marriage and make your spouse come to their senses... it is very likely that it is for a reason. I have come to the conclusion that the reason is because Heavenly Father has someone better in store for you.
It is always fun to be with my friends. Thanks Suzi and Jen you are such great friends. What would I do without you? Thanks mom for watching the kids! You are the best. I only got one picture with Becky and it didn't turn out so I just put these ones of us in at the wedding.

Friday, September 7, 2007


This is the cutest picture of my kids. This is my parents old bedroom set that is now in St. George at the condo. I was telling Bryn and Stockie that I used to always climb in this when I was little and hide from my mom. They got so excited and climbed in and told my brother Trent to come and get me and tell me that I was invited to a party in their room. When I went in they were hiding in there. They love going to the condo in St. George they never want to leave. I think they would live there. On Friday when Stockton got home from school he probably asked me 20 times when we were going to the condo.
I am really just trying to soak up every second of this weather. I have been running and biking at 6:00 a.m. with a girl who I used to teach health and drill team to at Bingham. Now we are friends isn't that funny. Once you reach a certain point age really doesn't really matter anymore. Anyway I love being outside and working out and enjoying nature and the weather. It energizes me for the whole day! There is something very theraputic to working out in the outdoors. I have to say that I didn't realize how out of shape I was with biking. The hills are kicking my butt.


Last weekend we went with my family to St. George. On Saturday my mom and I went to the pool with the kids while the guys went golfing. Then that night we went to The Bingham football game in Cedar City because my brother Josh is the recievers coach. They beat a team from Hawaii that have been state champions 5 of the last 7 years in Hawaii. Then on Sunday we relaxed and went to the park for a picnic. That night we went and played volleyball. It was so much fun!! Most of us don't know what we are doing so it was hilarious to see how everyone would hit the ball. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Laughing is great therapy that is for sure! My sister in law Heather is the volleyball coach at West Jordan so she was giving us some pointers. My mom is so sweet and she took the kids to the pool for a few hours on Sunday. I was able to hang out with my grandparents and watch two movies. It was so relaxing. I was in heaven. Then on Monday we went boating all day. It was so hot and so much fun! I am sad that is the last time we will probably get to go this summer. I'm not sure I'm ready for summer to be over. I love fall but I'm not ready for the winter. I can't stand being cold. This is kind of funny but I had a thought while I was wakeboarding the other day. I don't like to wakeboard when the water isn't smooth and I tend to scream when a hit a big wave. Whenever I thought a big wave was going to knock me off balance I would just drop the rope to save a bad fall. Then by like the third or fourth time I was doing better at just riding out the waves by bending my knees and just not letting my fear get to me. Eventually we got into an area where the water got calm and then I was having so much fun crossing the wake and attempting (that being the key word) to jump. Anyway while I was wakeboarding I was thinking hey this is like life. If we you can learn the tricks to weathering the ruff waters of life so to speak then eventually you will find calm waters and the experience will make you so much stronger, more experienced and help you really learn to enjoy when life is smooth sailing. Things like prayer, the temple, church, spending time with loved ones, and counting your blessings are the trick to enduring trials or the ruff waters. Just like with wakeboarding the trick is bending your knees, not being afraid, and holding on for dear life! Kind of a silly anaolgy but it really hit me so I thought I would write it down. The first picture is my grandparents. The sweetest two people in the world. The next picture is my brother Marcus. The third pic is my mom with the kids.