Sunday, June 7, 2009


On thursday my youngest brother Cameron graduated from Bingham. I am very proud of Cam! He graduated with a 3.89 GPA and he is such a great kid. I saw his golf coach at the graduation who I used to work with when I taught at Bingham...and he said Cam is one of those kids who you would want to marry your daughter. He is so service oriented, such a good example, a hard worker and he had tears in his eyes when he said that he is just one of those kids that makes your heart warm! I am so proud of you Cam and I am so thankful that I am your sister! I know you will go on to do great things!! Congratulations!! I love you!! Cam's friend DJ that played golf with him is polynesian and all of his family made Cam those candy lays. It was so sweet!!


Stockton had his pre-school graduation this week! It was so cute!! They sang a bunch of songs and had the cutest little program! Stockton knows all of his alphabet and sounds and has done such a great job at pre-school! He is definately ready for kindergarten but I think he will have a hard time leaving me. He is such a home body! I love having him around all the time! All of the little kids in his pre-school love him. Stockton was so glad that his uncle Marcus and his grandma Debbie came to his graduation! He is such a sweet good boy with such a hilarious sense of humor. He is always making a laugh! He loves Star Wars, bateman, and indiana jones. He loves playing the wii, playing outside, playing make believe with his brother and sister and friends. He loves cuddling with mom, going to his grandma debbie's and watching movies with his grandma and grandpa black who he calls the old grandma and grandpa. I love his personality and I am so thankful for the blessing he is in my life!!!!!! Congratulations Stockton!!! Now you are a big boy and you get to go to kindergarten on the bus! Fun for you but sad for me.


I can't believe that my little girl turned 7! I know I probably always say that about my kids but she is really growing up. It makes me sad. I wish that I could just freeze time with her! Bryns is such an amazing girl! She is very obedient and is such an amazing helper at home with the boys. She is a perfectionist with her school work and dance and whatever she does. She always does her best. She loves people and has so many friends and really treasures all of her friendships. She is a very spiritual little girl! She says the most amazing prayers and always tried to choose the right! I am very proud of the girl and daughter that she is ! I love you Brynlee!

When bryns woke up she requested crepes for breakfast. So I made her birthday crepes. Then she went to school. The boys and I went to her school to eat lunch with her and her friends. She thought that was pretty cool and has already requested several times that I do that again. That evening we had chinese(bryns favorite) and a chocolate ice cream cake which was also at her request! The next day was her birthday party! We had a spa birthday party. At the front door their was a sign that said Brynlee's Spatacular Spa. We did pedicures, facials and all of the girls hair. My friend Katie who does my hair and is amazing at hair helped me do all of the girls hair! What an amazing friend she is!! Bryns ended the night with watching high school musical and having Kwincee, Mads and Bailey sleep over! It was such a fun party!! But boy was I worn out!!


It has been so much fun to watch Stockton play coach pitch baseball this year! He started out a little timid but my dad worked with him a lot and showed him how to stand and hit and catch! Stockton had an amazing stance when he was up to bat! By the end he was fielding and hitting the ball like a pro! Their little baseball outfits were so darling! I love that they had their names on them. Wait to go Stockton! Thanks for letting us come to your games!! You are a great little baseball player!!

At this particular game it starting pouring!! I couldn't even see in front of my face it was coming down so hard. It was a real challenge gathering the kids up and getting in the car. It looked like we had all just gotten out of the shower! Good times!


For my mom's birthday we have tin foil dinners at the park. We wanted to go to the mountains but Stockon and my dad and Josh all had games so we resorted to the park by Josh and Heather's house. Heather made the tinfoil dinners and I made the tinfoil desserts and salad. It was a lot of fun to do something different and to just be together as a family! I am so thankful for my mom! The words what would I do without my mom have taken on a whole new meaning since I have been divorced. She has been more than good to me. She is always there to help with the kids or help me in whatever I need. She is such an amazing example to me in the way she loves and selflessly serves others. My grandma and grandpa Black have moved in with her and she is so devoted to take such great care of them! She amazes me! I hope to become more like her! I love you mom!!! Happy Birthday!!


Mothers Day is so much fun once you are a mother! I was overwhelmed by the love that I felt from my kids that day! They were so sweet in wishing me a happy mother's day over and over all day! Bryns and Stock both made me about half a dozen cards and they made me presents at school and in church! There is nothing better than home-made cards from your kids! I feel so blessed to be a mother!! Being a mother is my greatest joy in life! I am so thankful to have been intrusted with my three little sweet spirits! I am so thankful to have such an amazing mother and grandmas who guide and teach me as I am learning to be a better mother!!


We have been so blessed to be able to get to know and stay in contact with our dear friends the Smith family that we met in Vegas. It was so much fun to have them come and stay with us for the weekend! The kids were all in heaven to be able to play with their friends Elise, Ella, and Easton. Elise is Bryns favorite friend! They have so much fun playing together. Stocton absolutely loves Ella. He told Ella that he would be batman and she could be catwoman. Ella agreed as long as she could be a princess catwoman. Then Stock started to tell her that batman has to kiss catwoman. I can't believe he is already thinking about kissing and he was pretty smooth at the whole thing. Ella did deny him though because she told him that they were just friends and she has a boyfriend in Colorado where she lives.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Stockton has been so into Star Wars this year since he has been playing lego star wars on the wii. So he was positive that he wanted to have a star wars party. The party was so much fun! My mom got all of us costumes at a costume store in draper that was closing down and had everything 75% off. Stockton was Obi one, Becks was Luke Skywaker, I was Padame, Maycee and Bryns were princess Lei, Marcus was Yoda and Cam was Darth Vader. The kids had to complete five different obstacles if they wanted to become true jedi's. Marcus(yoda) led them through the exercises and he of course played the part perfectly. It was so hiliarious how perfect he was. The kids were in awe. Then at the end Darth Vader came in and all of the kids had to fight Darth Vader as their final test. Then as they defeated Darth Vader my mom had made all of the kids vests and Yoda knighted them true Jedi's with their vests! It was such a blast! The kids loved it. I was told by several moms that their sons didn't take off the vests for days!! Boys are so much fun! I love being a mom to boys. The non-stop sword and light saber fighting is so hilarious!! I love you Stocky boy!!! You are such an amazing boy in every way and I am so blessed to be your mom!! I hope you had an amazing fifth birthday!! I forgot to mention that the top picture is Stockton's friend Simon who was terrified and didn't come out from under the table the whole party. I felt so bad!


While we were in St. George we made the most of the beautiful weather! The kids had a blast swimming with Grandpa and their uncle Cam! Stockton got to go on a ride on the 4-wheeler with Grandpa. And we had another easter egg hunt for the kids at the park!!!