Sunday, November 18, 2007


My dad, grandpa Johnson, and my brothers went to Texas to a Dallas Cowboys game this weekend. So my mom and I decided we wanted to go somewhere too. We were going to go to Nauvoo because it was Ken's weekend to have the kids. He canceled and told me that he couldn't take the kids. So on Saturday my mom and I took the kids to the condo in Park City. We watched movies. The kids love going and getting treats out of the machines to watch movies. We went swimming, ate at Main Street Pasta and Noodle, and shopped at the outlets. It was beautiful weather. Today it was 67 degrees. I have so many fun memeories of growing up being at the condo. The kids love going up there and it was great to get away even for a day. Thanks for a fun weekend mom!

Today I am thankful for the gift of life that we have all been given. I'm thankful that I have been able to experience what a miracle this is three times in my life when my children were born. I don't want to waste any time that I have been given. I want to enjoy every minute. I love the song on my blog "don't blink." It's true life goes too fast and you know this especially if you have kids that before you know it they are five and you are wonderfing where the time went. I'm sure it will seem like a blink of an eye and they will be in high school etc. I pray I can make every minute count. I am thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having. A happy sweet baby! (The first picture is of Beckham walking. He keeps taking more and more steps. It's adorable).
Brynlee has been really into doing her own hair. Thus her beautiful hairdo in the pictures!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Ever since Brynlee started wearing her red lipstick for dance she is obsessed with putting it on everyday. Last night I had a babysitter (Pyper) and her and the kids put the lipstick on and kissed each other all over thier faces. They thought it was so great that they did it again today. They were so proud to come and show me. Look at Brynlee's lipstick I think there is more around her face than on her lips. The funny and cute thing is that she thinks it is so beautiful. You gotta love little girls and the whole dress up and makeup thing. And of course they have to rope their little brothers into it. I did the same thing with my brother Josh growing up.


Stockton went to my brother Trents soccer game at BYU and he was in heaven. He thought that when they scored their first goal that they had won the game. He was so exctied to wear his soccer jersey. Going to the game has gotten him even more excited about soccer. After the game they went to both of my brothers apartments. Ever since he went to where they live he asks to go back to their houses several times a day. I guess he is already excited about the college scene.

Today I am thankful for a brother (marcus) who is amazing with my kids. Yesterday he watched Beckham while I got ready. That was heaven. Then he watched Stockton while I took Brynlee to gymnastics. He always get downs and really plays with the kids for hours. He never gets sick of it. He will be an amazing dad. I am thankful for blogging. It is so fun to be able to write about the things that happen especially with your kids and to have pictures to go along with it. This will be great to read back on someday. I am also thankful that the kids don't have school today so that we can relax and not have a fight on what to wear.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am supposed to write down eight things that people don't know about me. This is really hard to come up with things. Thanks Heather!!! Some of you may already know these things so sorry if any of these things are already public knowledge.

1. I majored in Health Education at BYU and I minored in Drivers Education. I minored in that because that was the quickest way to get done with my bachelors. The funny thing about that is that I am the worst driver ever. Ask any of my friends it is almost terrifying to drive with me. The last time Angie drove with me I almost got us into three wrecks. I always pick my split ends at stop lights. Former students of mine always see me doing this around town and always call me to tell me they saw me in the car picking my split ends. When I was at BYU I had to teach a guy that was 22 and married with two kids and a girl from China who was attending BYU how to drive. I feel bad that they learned how to drive from me. I hope I taught them correctly oops!

2. I am a very superstitious person. Whenever I get those e-mails that say that you have to send this out or you will get bad luck I really believe it so I send it to everyone. Sorry everybody for all of the junk mail. When I was in high school when I would walk out of the bathroom I would make sure that I would never step on the cracks. The good news is I think that I am getting a little less OCD. I don't care if I step on the cracks now. I guess it is because I am to busy to think about this now with three kids. (By the way I had to do eight things instead of seven because eight is my lucky number. That dang superstitious thing again.)

3. I love reading magazines about what is in style. From hair, clothes, shoes, makeup etc. I love buying clothes that are cheap but trendy. My favorite clothes store is Forever 21. My favorite shoe store is Forever Young. I never buy a shirt over $20.00. This is thanks to some great friends in Vegas who taught me how to shop inexpensively. I was so bummed to leave Vegas only because of that store and The Cheescake Factory. Now they have both in Utah! Too bad I couldn't bring my girlfriends and the weather with me too.

4. I am a huge clutz. I have always tripped a lot. I fell down cement bleachers when I taught at Bingham. We were outside practicing for a halftime at the football game and they had plastic all over the bleachers. I slipped on it and fell and broke my hand. It was in front of all of my drill team girls. How embarassing!

5. I love doing wierd things like pulling out teeth, plucking my brothers eyebrows and long hairs on their backs (gross I know), and popping zits. I am always the person in my family that everyone has gone to when they need any of these things done. I think I have pulled all of mine and my brothers teeth out. How many teeth is that out of five mouths?

6. I love giving talks in church. I always get nervous right before but I always learn so much when I do and I actually love speaking in public. I guess that is the teacher in me. My down fall to public speaking is that I have to memorize the whole talk. I practice giving it in the mirror a million times before I actually give the talk.

7. I love to dance! I coached high school drill teams for six years. The last year I coached in 2004 my team won a State and National Title. My team and I were interviewed and broadcast on the morning news in Utah. This was there first drill team state title at Bingham and the school opened in 1908.

8. I am like Heather I am a scaredy cat when it comes to sleeping alone. Even when I was in high school and college when I was home and I would hear noises in the middle of the night I would take a blanket and go and sleep on the floor next to my dads side of the bed. What am I going to do when my parents move into their new house and I am in this big house all by myself with the kids? I better toughen up quick.

I am tagging Jen, Suzi, Angie, Katie, Kerri, Kathy,Gail, Tiffany, Denett, Katherine, Betsy, Ashley, Maggie, Tai

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My mom is amazing! Last night she did the cutest family night for the kids. We all took turns putting a feather on the turkey that had something that we can be thankful for. Stockton got one that said friends and he said, "I am thankful for Camden." Brynlee got one that said happiness and she said,"I am thankful for mommy." (That makes all of the hard times in the day worth it.) It is so great to do activites like this because it reminds us of all our Heavenly Father has given to us. Today I am thankful for trials. Believe me there are some days I wish this wasn't my cross to bare. But it sure has drawn me closer to my Heavenly Father and I am defiantely a stronger woman with a rock solid testimony. You know what is amazing is that Heavenly Father really does carry you through your trials. I feel stronger, more motivated and less tired at the end of every day. I know I am being so blessed right now.

Do you love how Stockton is pointing the gun at the camera? Boys will be boys. Stockton has really figured out in the last few months what he likes. This has made it a lot harder for he and Brynlee to agree on what to play lately. The other night Brynlee was begging him to dress up and play Cinderella with her. He wouldn't because he just wanted me to wear a scarey mask and he wanted to take a plastic club and chase after me with it. The difference between boys and girls is hilarious.

Today we went with Jen and her kids, Suzi and Ander, and Angie and her kids to Discovery Gateway. I love that place. The kids never get bored there. We had a great time. It is always so fun to visit and for the kids to play. Bryns, Stocky, and Becks adore all of their kids and never get tired of playing with them. Brynlee had to wear her bright red lipstick to show all of her friends. She is so into this color of lipstick ever since she found out this is the color she wears to performances.


When I went to teacher conferences before Brynlee went off track her teacher Ms. Miles said she was doing great at reading and she asked me if I knew how amazing Brynlees art work was. Bryns is great at drawing and coloring. She always tells me she is a dancer and an artist. The one thing that she needed to work on was counting. So while she was off track we practiced counting and now she can count to 100.

In her right hand is the show and teach bucket. It is a big deal when you get to take this to school. Brynlee decided last night that she wanted to take a book of mormon in the bucket. She was so excited to tell me that she can be a missionary by taking her book of mormon to school and telling the kids about it. I hope this is okay to take to school you know with the whole church school thing. But I didn't want to discourage her enthusiasm and sweetness about wanting to share it with others. What a sweetheart!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I was preparing my lesson on Sunday morning and I came downstairs and saw Beckham sitting in the middle of a whole box of trix. He was so happy he was screaming and just stuffing his mouth full of trix as fast as his little hands would allow. I remember when Brynlee was a baby things like this would stress me out. Now by the third child this is hilarious to me. I am thankful that as mothers we learn to relax and laugh at ourselves and our children. Otherwise we might not make it through some days.

I have seen Heavenly Father bless my life in many ways over the last few days. I feel so blessed to be a member of the church and to be able to go and renew my covenants every sunday. I am blessed to teach the eleven year olds. All eleven of the kids in my class are angels. They all bring their scriptures and listen and participate. It is almost too good to be true. I am blessed to be in such an amazing ward. I have so many great friends in my ward. Their are so many people who I really admire the people they are and how they live their lives. I want to strive to become more like them.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Brynlee had her first dance performance for the year today! It was really neat because it was a benefit concert for Shriners Hospital. Shriners is a hospital that provides care for children mostly that need prosthetic limbs. Three studios performed at the concert. The Dance Club, The Winner School and Dance Impressions. Brynlees cousin Tasia takes at The Winner School so they took Brynlee up to the performance because they had to be there two hours early. Thanks Nicole and Tasia for everything. Tasia is so sweet with Brynlee and took great care of her before and during the show. Brynlee was so excited about the whole thing and practiced her dance and her smile all morning. She loved showing off her makeup and hair to all of her uncles and anyone who came to the door. She seemed a little startled at first but she caught on and did the second half of the dance great. She really loved the finale with all of the clapping! It is so much fun to see your little girl dancing! I was in heaven. My mom and I could not stop smiling and laughing! We went to PF changs after the show and it was fun to visit with everyone who came. They didn't let you take pictures during the show so I didn't get any in her costume or on stage.

During the performance my mom and I noticed that Brynlee was upset on the stage. I asked Brynlee how she felt about her performance and she said, "good except for that she was sad because her dad didn't come to see her dance and he said he was going to." She was sobbing. Ken told Brynlee over a month ago that he was going to go but then he never called to confirm if he was or wasn't coming. He didn't show. I just feel bad for Brynlee. She is very tender hearted. I can't imagine something being more important than your children. I'm not sure how many times he will have to show me that his family is not his first priority before I finally stop hoping he will pull through on anything that he says he is going or supposed to do. My counselor told me on Monday to just notice what his priorites are and it will show what is most important to him. Well today I saw for the millionth time what his priorites are and they are himself. My counselor told me to start being honest with the kids and stop trying to cover for their dad. So I told Brynlee that her dad loves her very much but that he is only thinking of himself right now. I told her that I will always be there for her. It is so heartbreaking when the person that is supposed to be protecting and loving your family is the person who is causing everyone so much pain. Sorry for the complaining but I am using this as a journal so I am getting some of my feelings out.
On a positive note the ways I saw the Lord blessing my life today are...Amazing and supportive family (mom, grandma Sophie, Nicole, Tasia) and friends (thanks Angie and Kerri) for coming to the show to see Brynlee. They brought a girl out that is at shriners right now and it was so sad. I am thankful that all of my children are healthy. I am thankful for a wonderful babysitter Sophie McGavin that watched the boys while we were away. The boys (especially Stockton) adore her.
Last night we went to the Bingham Football Game at the U of U. My brother Josh is the recievers coach so we are really into the games. My whole family and I think the whole city of South Jordan were in attendance. The stadium was packed. Unfortunatley they lost 21 to 17 to Alta. It was so cute though because Stockton kept saying, "when I get big I'm going to take that ball and run it down there and score a touchdown and they will say, touchdown Stocky Prince." He wanted to know where Josh was the whole time. I love going to football games in the fall and it was beautiful weather.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I can't take my eyes off of Beckham for two seconds lately. He is such a climber and into everything. His favorites are climbing on the fireplace and taking out all of the rocks and coal. Climbing on his toys, boxes, the ladder on the bunk beds, into the bath, on the exercise bike, and his latest is that he climbed onto the toilet then onto the counter and into the sink. I heard the water running and I went into the bathroom and he was sitting in the sink with the water on just drenched. I should have taken this picture further back because it doesn't do what I am explaining justice. I am just glad that he didn't turn on the hot water. He is such a monkey!
I know this is boring for most but since I use this as a journal I wanted to write down a few cute things my kids have been doing. On Tuesday brynlee and stockton kept saying the sweetest things to me. Stocky would say, "you are the most beautifulist mommy I ever seen." Bryns kept saying, "mom you are prettier than the tallest mountains with snow, you are prettier than a field full of purple flowers. You are the nicest mommy ever." Isn't it amazing how much it means to you when your kids give you compliments. It sure does make up for all the times I am told I am mean.
Today Brynlee came with me to Stocktons soccer and these other girls that were watching their brothers wouldn't let her play with them. It really hurt Bryns feelings and she came and told me and Stocky and she was so upset. Stockton went right over to them and said he was going to do karate on them. He kept on jumping into their circle saying hah yah. He kept saying to them you be nice to my sister. Then he would run over and give Brynlee a hug. What a sweet and protective brother. I was laughing so hard. I couldn't help it.
The ways that I have seen the Lord bless my life in the last few days are... through a mother who is so sweet and thoughtful. She always makes such nice dinners and helps me with the kids! That I have kids who I adore and say such sweet things to me and to others. And a wonderful counselor who helps me to see that I am doing the right things to be healthy and get out of an unhealthy relationship. And eventually find someone with the same values and someone who can resolve conflict in healthy ways and is accountible for their actions.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


If you have a five year old you know how smart and perceptive they really are. I think sometimes we forget this. I have really been striving to not get upset at Ken at all when he cancels and doesn't get the kids or doesn't pay me etc. Anyway I am making progress and I have to say it feels so good to just let it go and have it be his problem instead of me being upset about it and having it affect my day or week. Brynlee being the perceptive 5 year old that she is has noticed this. She said to me the other day, "mom you and dad aren't fighting anymore." I said, "your right Bryns and I don't think that we will be fighting anymore at all." So on friday when I went to drop off the kids Brynlee said, "so mom now that you and daddy aren't fighting is he going to move in with us." I said no and she burst into tears and she just sobbed. Imagine the heartache I feel as a mother. You want to give your children the world and you want them to especially have a strong eternal family unit. It breaks my heart that I have no control over this situation. Unfortunately and fortunately Heavenly Father has given us free agency and we are only free to decide for ourselves not others what we are committed to and what is most important to us. I just hope one day my children will be able to see that my family, my covenants that I have made, and the gospel are the things that are the most important to me.

The other day Bryns bite Stocky. Then on friday Stocky was going to bite Brynlee and I got upset at them and had the we don't bite talk. As a sidenote Bryns prays every night that her and Stockton won't bite. So after the talk Bryns burst into tears and she said, "mom Heavenly Father doesn't love me because I pray every night that we won't bite and both me and Stocky bite each other." I went on to explain that Heavenly Father won't do all of the work for us we have to make good choices and be accountable for the decisions we make. I think this is really good to remember for all of us. We can always go to a loving Heavenly Father and ask for what we stand in need of. But we as his children must be willing to do what is right and what he has asked of us. And we must be accountible for our own actions.

So I am going to try to take Elder Eyrings challenge and write about how we see the Lords blessing us in our lives. So here is how Heavenly Father blessed me today...I was very proud of Brynlee today because normally Ken brings me the kids in the morning on the sundays that he has them so that they can go to church with me. He decided to keep them today so that they could go to a birthday dinner for his sister. Anyway Brynlee told him she would not miss church and that he had to bring her home because on Sundays we go to church. I am thankful for a sweet, obedient 5 year old daughter who is already choosing the right. I love you Brynlee! I see the Lord blessing me every day because he has given me you as a daughter.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I have been following the story of a 32 year old man named Bryce (through Jen's blog) who passed away just a few days ago from cancer. His and his wifes strength and optimism throughout their trail has been truely amazing. I was reading my sister in laws blog today and found that a friend of Bryces has challenged people to 100 days of Love. The blog is I am going to take the challenge and it you are interested you should check out the blog for more info. (thanks Heather). I know that I could definately strive to be more loving, forgiving, and thoughtful to those around me and those I come in contact with. There will be a post everyday on something to strive to work on for the day! What a great idea.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well today was a great day! I got to see some of my college friends at lunch and then some of my friends from high school tonight. Jen, Suzi, Becky, and Angie came over tonight to let the kids play and to try on jeans. My cousin is selling jeans for a discounted price so we had fun trying everything on. A good pair of jeans always makes you feel better. Brynlee and Caleb and Cam and Stockton have been dying to get together and it is so hard since school started. Bryns is on morning kindergarten and Caleb is on afternoon kindergarten so we are on opposite schedules. Today Brynlee said to me, "mom don't tell Jen but Caleb is my boyfriend." Caleb is so sweet and protective of Brynlee and he just recently gave her the cutest braclet that says I love you. A few months ago we were at the South Towne mall in the dinosaur play place and I guess someone was mean to Bryns. We look over and Caleb is asking all of the adults if they were mean to the girl in the brown shirt. He is a doll! When Jen went to leave Cam was hiding Brynlee in the van because they wanted to have a sleepover. It was so much fun to see the newest addition Kody. He is a doll. Beckham and Ander would not take a nap today and they were both exhausted. I guess it is a sugar high. Thanks girls it was so fun to visit and you are the best friends a girl could ask for.


Today the kids and I went to lunch with my three friends from college Angie, Kerri, and Mekette. The kids had a blast playing together and it always so fun to talk with the girls. It is so nice to have friends that you know that you will always be friends with. Stockton was crazy about kerri's little boy Cooper. They had so much fun throwing silverware, running by the canal outside and being crazy. I think we both get an award for mother of the year today (ha ha). Stockton kept giving him hugs when we were leaving and bawled the whole way home until he finally fell asleep because he wanted to give him another hug. Thanks for a fun lunch girls. Love ya!