Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows that I am net a pet person. My parents got this bunny for Stockton lat April for his birthday. The kids loved the bunny when it was little but as it always happens the bunny grew bigger and the kids didn't want to play with the bunny. We had a hard time catching the bunny. It was hilarious to see my dad chase the bunny around the yard with a net for hours before we would catch it for the night. We got so sick of chasing the bunny that we finally gave up and "bubbly fluffy" became a wild bunny! Bubbly Fluffy was let lose in our backyard for six months and survived off of the grass in our backyard. Then in the late fall our neighbors kept knocking on the door telling us that our rabbit was hopping down the street or in their yard. Bubbly Fluffy had discovered that he could get out of the yard. So we put him back in the cage. He hated the cage because he was now a wild bunny. So me and my brothers decided to go an release bubbly fluffy by the Jordan River. We were laughing and thought it was such a great idea. But then on the way down there we were all quiet and felt really bad. So once we got there we made a decision not to release the bunny and to take bubbly fluffy back home. Two days later bubbly fluffy died. I felt awful about it. I really should have just released the bunny in the first place. I cannot be trusted with pets.




My friends Katie, Jen, Suzi and I are huge fans of the show the bachelor. So one night we got together at my parents to watch one of the episodes and be able to discuss it with each other and not have any males interrupt and give their unwanted input :)


We had such a great time going to the open house of the new Draper Temple. The kids were all so reverent and they were so excited about the temple. The kids wrote their feelings and this is what they had to say...Bryns said..."We went to the draper Utah Temple. It was the most butufullest thing I ever seen. I loved the lights they where verry nice. I liked the cookie. My granpa took ten cookie. Some day I will be marryed at the temple. After win we where outside we where trowing snowball fites. Brynlee Sophie Prince 6 years old." Stockton said..."We went to the temple. We watched a movie about the fathers. President Monsen talking about the temple. I liked that we could relax in there because the lines were long. I sat on a green couch in the celestial room to rest. It was beautiful! We had a cookie and water after. I am 41/2 years old." Beckham said, "Today we went to the new Draper Utah Temple. I was so good and reverent. I liked the oxen and the water in the baptismal font. I watched the movie about the temple and asked if that was our temple, (meaning the Jordan River Temple)."