Monday, March 31, 2008


Sunday, March 30, 2008


My friend Tiffany is having a bow party on this Wednesday April 2nd from 5-8 pm. I thought this would be a great place for my cousin to sell her designer jeans and shirts and promote her new store!! So she will be there too to sell her clothes. I just called Tiff so that I can post her address. So stay posted for more information. But please come who can resist discounted cute clothes and bows. My two favorite things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My friend Kathy turned 30 last week and I a got the day wrong. I thought that her birthday was on the 28th but I was two days late it was on the 26th. Kath I will do better next year! Kath and I met our freshman year at UVSC and we became instant friends. We roomed together our sophmore year of college and had so much fun! We both had high school boyfriends that we sent on missions that we were completely devoted to. Or at least we thought we were until we met our husbands. We both love clothes and we had so much fun sharing clothes and we stayed up late talking and laughing every night. Kath is the first person that I ever shared a bed with. We shared a twin bed for a whole year. She was a great cuddler and I think this must be where I learned to stay in one place when I sleep. Because if I didn't I'm sure that one of us would have moved we would have fallen out of bed. Kath is so sweet and funny. I have such great memories of listening to fun music in her car especially Will Smith "Gettin Giggy(spelling) With It." She is always there to listen to me and has such great insight and takes on life and life situations. She is an amazing mom and I love and respect her so much. It has been fun this year now that our daughters dance together to be able to spend more time together. Love ya Kath Happy B-day!


Yesterday Bryns had her second competition at the Salt Palace. The girls did great. They performed on a great big stage that seemed pretty intimidating to me. But they weren't phased by it and they did a great job! They took second place over all in the six and under age category! The girls passed the time waiting for their performance by coloring. My mom, Tasia and Nicole came to watch Bryns. The last picture is with Bryns dance teacher Bethany who has been amazing with the girls!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Brynlee had a competition today at the Salt Palace. After the competition we went to eat at Little America. We had so much fun eating the yummy food and enjoying our friends company! The girls were in awe of everything from the fancy napkins to the gold tissue holders in the bathroom. Thanks again for driving Tiff. Thanks for a fun dinner and day Kath, Maddison, Tiff, Kwincee, Tai and Kelci!! We are so lucky to have great friends like you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Brynlee got her pictures taken for dance and I thought they turned out so cute! She is very photogenic. I wish I had a cd of the pictures to put on here but I just had to take a picture of the pictures!


We went to St. George for Easter and it was so nice to be in the sun and enjoy the pool. My mom planned an Easter egg hunt in the pool and in the yard for the kids. We also had so much fun coloring Easter eggs and we went to the new Dr. Suess movie. The kids had so much fun. They love St. George as much as I do. I was able to drive my Grandma and Grandpa Black down and back and it was so much fun to be able to talk to them and enjoy their company. We stopped on the way at one of their favorite restaurants in Nephi. My grandpa kept me company in the front seat and we chatted the whole way down and back. He is best to have conversations with. I adore both of them.
On Sunday morning we went to church. Beckham started to get fussy so I took him in the hall and then we found the nursery. Becks was playing with the car keys in the nursery and in the hall to keep entertained. After sacrament my mom, bryns, and stock came and found us and we couldn't find the keys to leave. We looked EVERYWHERE and we could not find the keys. So we decided to stay to the classes. Bryns and Stock didn't want to stay because they didn't know any of the kids or the teachers. So I took bryns and stock aside and I said a prayer with them that we would be able to find the keys. When I was done with the prayer I walked straight into the nursery and the nursery leader had just found the keys. This kind of thing has happened to me several times in my life. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers even when it may seem like something as insignificant as finding your keys. I am just glad that I was able to have that experience with my kids so that they have a testimony of prayer the way that I do. They were so excited that Heavenly Father had heard and answered our prayer and in fact they weren't the least bit suprised. They have sweet little testimonies!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Easter is so much fun with kids. The easter egg hunts, the baskets, the easter bunny, the darling clothes! But I wanted to write a few of my thoughts on the real reason why we celebrate Easter. I have always been thankful for the Atonement of the Savior. But it hasn't been until the last few years as I have gone through my divorce that I really understood how amazing the Atonement really is. I have truely come to understand what they meant when in the scriptures they called the Savior the "Prince of Peace." Through him I have come to know that the only true peace in times of trial is found through him. He has been my friend, my listening ear, He has understood my pain and sorrow and helped me find peace and joy in my many blessings. My sweet friend Katie sent me an e-mail saying that she heard a talk by President Hinckley that said, "single mothers prayers are heard first in heaven." I was completely choked up reading this. I believe this must be true because I know the only way I have gotten through these last few years is through Heavenly Father hearing and answering my prayers.

There is a talk by President Hinckley in the Liahona this month that I took visiting teaching and it has such a neat quote by him. He says, "We know not all that lies ahead of us. We live in a world of uncertainty. For some, there will be great accimplishment. For others, disappoointment. For some, much of rejoicing and gladness, good health, and gracious living. For others, perhaps sickness and a measure of sorrow. We do not know. But one thing we do know. Like the Polar Star in the heavens, regardless of what the future holds, there stands the Redeemer of the world, the Son of God, certain and sure as the anchor of our immortal lives. He is the rock of our salvation, our strength, our comfort, the very focus of our faith.

In sunshine and in shadow we look to Him, and He is there to assure and smile upon us.

He is the central focus of our worship. He is the Son of the living God, the Firstborn of the Father, the Only Begotten in the flesh. He is "risen for the dead,...the firstfruits of them that slept". He is the Lord who shall come again "to reign on the earth over his people."

I am so thankful that I have a testimony of these words. I am so thankful at this time of year and always for my Savior who atoned for my sins, hurts, heartaches and understands what I am going through and loves and comforts me. I hope you all have a happy easter. Much love from our family to yours!


Thursday, March 20, 2008


On Sunday I planned an Easter egg hunt with all of my cousins kids at my grandma Johnsons house. It was so much fun to get everyone together and the kids has a ball finding all of the eggs. My kids were so thrilled because they helped me fill the eggs. Stock kept saying, "i'm in chage (missing the r) of the eggs. Beckham loved the St. Patricks hat that Natalie's family brought.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I dressed the kids up in their Easter outfits today and so of course I needed to get pictures of them looking so adorable. It wasn't a very successful picture day though because Beckham was not in the mood and Stock was getting easily distracted. Brynlee of course is always ready to pose and smile for a picture as you can see. I am so thankful for these three sweet little people and the joy that they bring into my life with their fun unique personalities. They are the greatest blessing!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


This weekend Bryns had her first dance competition at Timpview High School. On Friday night she did a trio with two other girls in her class(micro-starburst) entitled "teddy bear." Someone asked Bryns if she was nervous to go out there and dance with only three people and she said,"no". Like why would I be. I'm not sure that she really understood the whole competition thing. The girls did such a great job! There music turned off in the middle of their dance and they just froze. We had never told them what to do if the music turns off. So their teacher told them to run off and then they did the whole dance again. They did a great job at just taking it in stride and doing the dance again but I think it threw them just a little bit. I was just so proud of them! They did such a great job and they didn't think it was too big of a deal. They ended up taking 4th place and Bryns was thrilled because she got her first trophy. She kept saying, "mom I love dance. All of that hard work payed off. She was extatic the whole way home and just kept saying I can't wait to show Grandma and my uncles. My uncles have so many trophies and they will so excited that I got my first one. Then she asked me two times if everyone got a trophy? To which I said no even though I think they did because she would disappointed if everyone got one." It is fun to see her so excited about dancing!! Then today she did two group dances entitled, Take your umbrella to the beach, and pajama party. They got first place on the umbrella dance and a high gold on the pajama party! I only got to see the umbrella dance today because I had to go and take a health test for renewing my teaching license at BYU. Thand you so much mom for all of your help today! Angie and Maddie, Heather, my mom, and Grandma and Granpa Johnson came to support Bryns. Thank you so much everyone. It was such a fun weekend! Thanks to Brynlee's teacher Bethany for all of the time and effort she puts into her teams. She is amazing with the girls and Brynlee is learning so much. It is such a blessing to have someone teach your daughter that you really respect and trust.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This morning me, Ang, Kerri, and Kath went to Good Things Utah to celebrate Kerri turning 30!! It was so much fun to be there. Before I moved to Vegas I used to watch the show almost everyday and I really missed it when I moved. It was so much fun to be with the girls. It is so funny because I look like I am so tall in these pics because of the shoes I am wearing. Oh and our friend Tiffany was there too because she is going to be a c0-host on Monday March 24th so tivo and watch her!

Kerri and I met my freshman year at UVSC on the dance team. We were officers together and we had a lot of fun choreographing together while we were on the team. Kerri is always so much fun to be with. She is great with people and is always the life of the pary. Her laugh is contagious!! We shared a room for a year and she was such a great roommate. Very clean, very spiritual but I have to say hard to sleep next to because she tosses and turns all night. As each year passes I love and respect her more and more for the mother, friend, and spiritual example she is to me. I hope you have a happy birthday Ker!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today while Brynlee was in dance I took the boys to the mall to get a present for a friend. Right before we left the studio Stockton peed his pants. I felt so bad for him because he was supposed to go into karate and he didn't want to because all I had for him was a pull up and he said the boys would make fun of him. So sad that they already think this at that age. Every morning when he wakes up the first question he asks me is, "is it time for karate?" He absolutely loves it so I felt so bad for him because he was heartbroken and wanted to go. Anyway so I went and got the boys ice cream right before we went into the mall to make Stock feel better. So we walk in Stock has a karate shirt on with a pull up(no pants) and high top cars sneakers. Beckham has ice cream from head to toe and it is dripping everywhere. We were in forever 21 so of course I had to look around so while I am shopping Stockton is karate chopping everyone who he walks by. Some people think this is funny and some don't. They are both hiding in the racks throughout the 30 minutes we are in there. If you have ever taken your kids to the mall without a stroller you know how challenging this is to keep them by you. So I am yelling the whole time, "Stockon, Beckham." Then Stock decides to take off his shoes and start throwing them in the air. They hit Becks a few times and other people are dodgging the shoes. Stockton and Beckham then find shoes in the store and are reaarranging and dragging them throughout the store. The cashiers were laughing and saying how adorable they are but the only thing I could say to the cashiers is, "we are a circus act." Oh well I got through it and survived and now I have it written down so I won't forget how it truely is sometimes to shop with your kids.


Suzi turned 31 last weekend while I was in California and so I am just getting around to posting this. But I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and tell you how blessed I feel to have you as my friend. Suzi and I met in the 7th grade and Eastmont Junior High School. I was a year younger than her and I always remember thinking how beautiful she was. I still think the same thing. It seems like we have been through everything together. The terrible junior high years, boyfriends, breakups, walking everywhere. Then the high school years of thinking it was so cool when we could drive. In high school we both dated baseball players and so we went to all of the games together and even traveled to Las Vegas together to watch them play. There was also sabitoshing(spelling?), a million sleepovers, good times and struggles with friends etc. Then in college we had some great times and fun memories. And as time progressed we have gone through her divorce together and now my divorce. Suzi has been a true constant in my life. She is a true friend in every sense of the word. I know no matter what happens she will be there ready to listen, sympathize, and completely get into my drama as if it was hers. I am so grateful for a friend who supports me in my triumphs and failures. We go to the gym together 3 to 4 times a week and it is always so fun to work out with her and chat. We both love to work out and read so we still have so much in common. Suzi has always been amazing with my kids and so into what is going on with them. I am so glad that she is a mom now to Ander and that she is so happy!! Her happiness gives me a lot of hope for what is to come for me. I love you Suzi and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for being such a true friend!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Today Brynlee was the VIP at her school. She was so excited because she got to bring a poster with pictures of her and explain her poster. Then she got to use Miss Miles pointer stick to show the pictures. Then the kids in her class got to ask her about her poster. They asked her what her favorite color is: she said, "yellow and pink." They asked her favorite food and she said, "waffles, and fruit." It was a fun day and I am glad that I was able to be there.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


This weekend I went to L.A. to judge a national competition for drill team. It was fun because Angie and I both were able to go and share a room. Thus the silly pictures of us in our hotel room. We should have gotten some pictures at the competition but we were so busy we didn't get a chance. We had very long days. We would start our meeting at 6:30 am and the competition would begin at 7:30am. Then we wouldn't get done until very late at night. Saturday the competition ended at midnight. We were able to go the dinner though at Bubba Gumps and Cheesecake Factory. Our two other friends from UVSC Jeanette and Heather were also judging so it was a fun weekend. On the way to the airport the competition gave us the wrong directions and we ended up an hour and a half away from LAX airport so we took some pics by our mini van to remember that very scenic out of the way drive. Amazingly enough we made our flight because it was delayed. We had a great time but I am dead tired. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to my normal self!